We carry Indiana Kitchen Company and IBP pork products.  Our Fresh and Natural pork products contain no hormones or MSG and are sourced only from local, Midwest farms. Our selected cuts mean better quality pork at your table.

We carry a full line of quality pork products including:

  • 1″ thick grill bone-in chops

  • Boneless marinated chops and dressing stuffed pork chops

  • Spare ribs, baby back ribs and boneless country ribs

  • Pork tenderloins – enhance the flavor of your tenderloin or pork chops with Dave’s special seasoning rub or with any one of our marinades.

  • Whole pork shoulders – perfect for your smokers, slow-cooked pulled-pork. This is a favorite for those who know their pork.

  • Dave’s own breaded tenderloins and pork cutlets


  • 5 lbs Bacon (Ossian thick sliced)
  • 6 lbs PORK CHOPS (bone in pork loin)
  • 2 2 lbs PORK ROAST
  • 5 lbs SAUSAGE choose any type (NO MSG) – Hot or Sweet Italian, Country Style, Chorizo, Super Hot, Polish Bratwurst
  • 4 lbs PORK LOIN COUNTRY STYLE RIBS (2 per pkg)
  • 2 lbs LEAN PORK CUTLETS (2 per pkg)
  • 1 Slab SPARE RIBS
  • 4 STUFFED PORK CHOPS (1 per pkg)
  • 4 PORK STEAKS (2 per pkg)

Ready made Ham Loaf: Made in house with our lean ham and lean sausage.  Need a recipe?  We’ve got it ready for you, just ask our friendly butchers.

Dave’s famous pizza meat: This is a must try Dave’s family recipe created just for our customers and pizza lovers.  Whether your making home made pizzas or wanting to try something different with your favorite pasta sauce, our pizza meat is sure to please.

Dave’s Store-Made Sausages: We hand make all of our sausages fresh in the store starting with our lean ground pork and sold in natural casing and in bulk. Brats are great for grilling, fall tailgating and casual meals anytime of the year.

Some of our most popular varieties include:

  • Dave’s Original

  • Hawaiian

  • Sweet Italian and Hot Italian

  • Apple

  • Garden

  • Polish

  • Cajun

  • Bacon Kraut

Other sausages like Andouille and Kielbassa, and Chorizo are also a few of our customer favorites.