A difference you can taste and quality that is measurably exceptional!

Our USDA Choice premium Black Angus Beef is sure to impress your guests at the table this Holiday Season.  Choose from:

Standing Rib Roasts – boneless or bone-in for an exceptional presentation(order Dave’s famous seasoning for an exceptional taste)

Whole Beef Tenderloins – seasoned or unseasoned.  Also can be cut into filet mignons and vacuum packaged all free of charge.

Rolled Rump Roasts– seasoned or unseasoned.

Crown Roast of Pork – makes a great presentation!

Boneless Pork Canadian Roasts– great with Dave’s special seasoning!

Also Carrying: Amish All Natural Turkeys, Turkey Breasts, Fisher Meats Smoked Turkey Breasts, Ossian Hams (bone-in, semi-boneless and the popular Boneless Old Fashion)


Order a FRESH Amish Valley Turkey from Dave Hills Market today for your holiday gatherings! All of our turkeys are fresh, non hormon-injected and delicious! Our turkeys are harvested in November and shipped directly to our store. These fresh birds are cold chilled, but never frozen. Call the store today to ensure you get the size turkey you want and we will have it ready for pick up on the day you chose.

We also carry:

Turkey breasts, turkey legs, thighs and wings and Fisher Meats Smoked Turkeys! And Ossian Hams (boneless old fashion, bone in old fashion, semi boneless and bone in skinless shankless hams)


Don’t forget to pair your holiday meal with a bottle of our variety of local favorite wines, like TWO EEs Winery, Country Heritage Winery, Browne County, and many others OR Choose from our fine wine selection featuring a variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rose’ and French sparkling wines.


A party platter from Dave Hill’s is a real treat.  These platters are made fresh to your order and are presented in a way that will sure to please your guests.  Check out our variety of party trays


Gift Boxes filled with the steaks of your choice, chicken, pork or salmon or a combination of all.

Sportual Products:  Choose from a variety of sportula products including grilling essentials, coasters, and stadium views from your favorite sports team (College, NFL,NHL & others)  See in store for details.

Sarah’s Handmade Soaps – Hand made soaps with goats milk and other natural ingredients in a variety of scents.